Ready to Sell

Its part of the business cycle
Cash out. Move on. Finish strong.

You’ve built a successful business. Now you’re ready to move on. The idea of turning years of hard work into your last — and often largest — business deal can seem both exhilarating and overwhelming. Where do you begin?

As successful entrepreneurs who have started and sold ventures of our own, we’ve been in the same position you’re in now. We understand that selling a business is more than a transaction. It’s the culmination of an extraordinary accomplishment, and the beginning of what comes next — whether it’s travel, an extended vacation, retirement, or the launch of your next big thing.

It starts with a lot of questions.
Is now the right time for me to sell my business?
Will selling be the right exit strategy for me, my family and my business?
What is my business worth to a buyer?
What advisors do I need to help me sell my business?
What types of buyers will be interested in my business?
What’s the first thing I should do?!

At JL Group we start by taking the time to get to know you and your business, as well as your goals for a sale. We will provide you with honest feedback about how ready both you and your business are. We will also help you set realistic expectations for what the selling process entails.

Through a clear vision, plan and implementation, we assist you as the business owner in getting the best value for your business so you can spend the rest of your years doing what brings you joy.