Started on September 26, 2021

Our goal is to bring the best offer to the table for you to choose from.

Once we’ve concluded our preliminary agreement and we have all decided that now is a good time to sell and expectations have been set accordingly, we’ll enter into a Letter of Intent (LOI) or Indication of Interest (IOI) agreement with you to sell your business.

The LOI is a non-binding agreement that states the purchase price of the business and basic terms of an agreement. This is a critical point in the process, as the LOI will set the tone and direction for all conversations and additional negotiations going forward.

After initial negotiations are complete, we’ll move into the due diligence phase of the transaction.

Due diligence is typically one of the most stressful phases in the selling process. However, if we’ve done our job right then much of the legwork will already have been done in Steps 1-4. Our goal during due diligence is to respond quickly and keep the momentum moving forward so that we can all get to the closing table without any surprises.

We will collaborate with you, your other advisors to structure deal terms, facilitate requests for information, and keep everyone on task until the day of closing.

It may not be easy, but at this point in the process the end will be in sight