Started on September 25, 2021

Every business is different. Every owner is different. Every deal is different.

We start by having an honest conversation with you about your business, your reasons for selling, and your expectations for a sale. We want to fully understand your goals and do a complete assessment of your situation before moving forward.

When it comes to assessing how attractive your business is, some key questions are:

– How key is the owner to maintaining the profitability of the business?
– Will key management personnel continue to work for the company?
– Does the business relies heavily on a single customer, product or market?
– What potential recent market developments should be taken into consideration?
– What is the competitive edge of the company and its this sustainable?
– Are there any potential deal breakers such as onerous contracts, new technology outdating current products etc?
– What are the maintainable profits of the business?
– Is there a track record of sustained growth and can this be sustained?

At JL Group, we aim to take the time to do our own due diligence and ask the tough questions before committing to you and your business.