Swing Tags

Swing Tags are a flexible marketing tool that ensures every customer gets all the information needed for the product purchased. In addition they can be used to supply associated product information, so increasing sales.

They can be designed in various ways:

  • Simple 2 page tags for product marking, printed in one colour only, text and some decorative lines. • They are often used as name and address tags or simple, easy to understand product information tags
  • Very sophisticated, multi page tags, printed in up to four colours (offset), including pictures and detailed instructions; image making or image strengthening, a hole with or without an eyelet, stitches, different strings, different paper from crude, uncoated carton to coated art material for high quality printing of pictures.

Range of use

  • To show product range
  • Handling instructions
  • Recipes
  • Mounting instructions
  • Baggage tags
  • Several languages in one tag (to avoid expensive tag selection)

Swing tags can be used anywhere you can fasten a swing tag in order to be sure your message is delivered to your target audience

Examples of Swing Tags

12 page tag, printed on coated paper (to achieve quality food pictures)

Name: Olivolja (Carshamn Mejeri)
Paper: Art Silk 115 g/m2
Size: 54 x 65mm, 12 pages spine glued
Print: 4/4 colours offset
Stringing: Black cotton

Very fine paper for sophisticated 4 colour pictures (in this example food). Luxurious alternative (minibrochure).

2 page tag with gold foil

Name: Oil of Ulay
Paper: Art Gloss 240 g/m2
Size: 43 x 55mm, die-cut
Print: 3/4 colour offset + gold foil + Uv-varnish on both sides
Stringing: Black artificial silk

More elegant version of a two page tag. Gold foil is used to give an extra effect. On the other side there is a four colour picture of the product. UV-varnish on both sides gives a shiny finish.

2 page tag, die-cut, delivered open

Name: Resevarden
Paper: Chromocard 200 g/m2
Size: Diameter 70mm, total length 170mm
Print: 2/1 colours offset
Stringing: Metal eylet, white elastic

There is a double fold and a metal eylet to strengthen the hole, creasing in the middle in order to fold the tag easily and a flap which goes under the double fold. Name and address is hidden inside the tag. No one can read the information without opening the tag.

12 page tag, printed on fine paper to meet a very demanding picture quality specification.

Name: Fiskars
Paper: Art Gloss 150 g/m2
Size: 95 x 135mm, 12 pages, stitched
Print: 4/4 colours offset
Stringing: Black elastic
Other: Folder stitches

Customer can read instructions how to use the product. In the booklet there is a list of accessories as well as care instructions. Towards the back there are pictures of other products that belong to the same series. The swing tag is produced in different languages; basic elements (for example pictures) are the same. The text is printed in black on the pictures (cost effective way of changing languages). The thought behind the folder stitches is that a customer can easily save the mini brochure in a folder.

4 page tag on a coarse paper with fish string – maximum feeling of a nature

Name: Thors Hammer (vodka)
Paper: Countryside Natural 250 g/m2
Size: 55 x 60mm
Print: 2/2 colours offset
Stringing: White fish string

Paper and print is chosen to give a feeling that a product, Thors Hammarc vodka comes from nature. A customer can read about the Nordic god Thor and about the power of his hammer. This product is exported to USA and the tag is a good way to spread cultural information.

Online Print Supplies

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When asking for a quotation please define the paper quality if you can. If you cannot define the paper please inform us what kind of a message you would like to give or what kind of image your product has. In order to provide a quotation we need to know the size of the tag, the number of pages, number of colours, string type (colour, quality, material?) and quantity.