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Re-usable case note folders

We are now in the process of developing Re-usable Case Note Folders to compliment our range of Healthcare Products.

With the advent of electronic patient records lifetime Case Note Folders are becoming redundant. However, medical staff still require paper documentation when treating patients. The reusable Case Note Folder has been designed to meet these requirements while reducing costs. Please contact us for details.

JL Group wins NHS patient wristband contract


NHS Supply Chain has awarded a multi-year contract to Lancashire-based JL Group to provide a patented range of hospital patient wristband products under the brand name PATIENTBAND. The products are produced by JL Group’s manufacturing partners Standard Register Company, who are the world pioneers of laser printed hospital wristband products.

A study revealed that during 2006 over 24,000 patients had been mis-matched to their care, and that nearly 3,000 of those related to wristbands and their use. The market was created when the National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA) advised all NHS organisations that by July 2009 hand-written wristbands were to become a thing of he past, and that all wristbands must be printed directly from their internal PAS systems.

These unique products combine wristbands with patient labels on the same laser sheets. The patient data, which can include barcodes and photographs, is printed on the wristband and replicated on to the labels at the same time, so that safe patient identification is achieved throughout the stay of the patient.

Don O’Connor, JL Group Joint Managing Director said “PATIENTBAND is a direct result of spending years listening to what NHS Trusts want from their wristband solutions. The rigorous standards set by NHS Supply Chain coupled with the exhaustive tendering and auction processes mean that these contracts are tough to win so we are absolutely delighted, not only that we were ranked number one on the overall scoring criteria based on price, product evaluation and ability to deliver” JL already has clients even prior to the contract award. “Some hospitals insisted on buying PATIENTBAND directly from us, the major reasons were how easily and efficiently the staff can handle our wristbands and how comfortable and safe they are for the patients to wear.”

Customers seem to agree. “From a Patient Safety angle PATIENTBAND wristbands satisfy every aspect of what we require and expect in a patient identification solution. Our patients will be happy in the knowledge that their safety and comfort were of paramount importance when we were making our decisions about which wristbands to choose for them to wear” stated Janet Portman, Patient Safety Team Manager at the Shrewsbury and Telford NHS Trust.

Another happy user is Andy Moore, IT Services Manager at Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust, who commented “We had been buying other wristband products from JL Group, however when they introduced us to the PATIENTBAND offering we quickly realised that these new products were superior in terms of patient comfort and had much more scope and flexibility for printing. We have worked closely with JL Group during the product development stages, and we are delighted to have such a good working relationship with them.”

JL Group is a leading Print Management and Stationery company based in Haslingden, Lancashire with its own state-of-the-art printing facility. The PATIENTBAND range of wristband products comply with 100% of the NPSA’s 2007 Safer Practice Notice specifications, and provide for the Adult, Paediatric and Baby patient groups. Further new products will be announced later this year.

More information can be found at, contact with the company can be made by e-mail to, or by telephone on 01706 833633.